It all started when Lucy noticed people taking advantage of orphans — treating them like slaves and preventing them from attending school.

Lucy went to the government of Malawi and registered an orphanage. She was approved but was not provided with any funds to support her — no money for a building, food, clothes, and the other necessities required to run an orphanage. That didn’t stop her!

Today, Lucy’s orphanage takes up an area of 12×16 kms and houses dozens of children at a time.

Most of the children are cared for by Lucy. Additional assistance comes from a few older ladies whose families have either died from AIDS or their own families have fully grown and tend to their own lives.

Each day, Lucy (if she’s well enough!) travels the area on foot to check on the children. She makes sure they’re going to school and that they’re alright… and if they’re not, she helps them.

As the children grow up, the government takes many of the older ones and puts them into a trade school so they can train to earn a living.

Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis
At the age of 15, Kelly began drawing and within two years, developed an impressive ability. Art became part of her long list of interests—she had a great desire to do her part in making the world a better place by helping those less fortunate, protecting and caring for animals, and beautifying the world.

Kelly planned to combine her love of art & animals by becoming a biology researcher. In 1999 and 2000 she was working towards the goal of having an art show to begin the process of making her place in the art world. But in July of 2000, her dreams were cut short when she was in a critical accident. She passed away on August 7, 2000.

We are confident that she is as excited as us that she can now continue her art and humanitarian legacy by having her work available for sale with the proceeds going to help orphans in Malawi, Africa.

Dixie Davis
Dixie Davis
Dixie loves family, children, her faith, teaching, flowers and gardening, bird watching, flower arranging, quilting and art in many mediums. She earned a BA/BEd with an art major and a Master of Education and has loved teaching children, grandchildren and elementary students for more than forty years. Since retiring she has devoted much of her time to develop her own art skills. She wants her art to have a purpose much greater than simply earning money. Dixie met Lucy Kandioni, the orphanage supervisor in Blantyre, Malawi over 10 years ago when she came to Canada for health care. Lucy and Dixie bonded instantly and have grown to be dear friends. Lucy remarked that, for her, it was that she recognized in Dixie a “mother heart” which includes all children not just her own. And Dixie recognized that Lucy also truly has a ‘mother heart’.
Rhonda Davis Steed
Rhonda Davis Steed
Rhonda is a photographer, painter, and graphic designer. She adores capturing light in nature. As a mother, Dixie taught her daughters to appreciate art by constantly introducing them to different art styles. Both Kelly and Rhonda had a great desire as kids to move to Africa and help children. To create and share that experience even though Kelly has passed away feels especially tender.

Rhonda is married to her fantastic hubby Regan and together they have five children: Alden, Lucy, Eli, Oliver, and Norah. They live a creative, loud, chaotic life in Raymond Alberta.
You can find her at and on Instagram both @iamrhondasteed and @rhondasteedphotography

Lucy uses the money we send her to pay school fees for the children. She also provides food, and one time she contacted us to see if it was okay to use some of the donations towards the burial of a little orphan girl who had died from AIDS.

In the past when Lucy found a child that was ill, she carried them on her back to the hospital. She asked the Malawi government for a bike, but was refused. We were able to send enough money for two bikes—so now she can get the sick children to a doctor!

Over the years, Lucy has also taken many children into her own home. She currently has her daughter, a set of twins, five other children, and herself under one small roof—and they are busting at the seams! We are currently working towards building an addition on her home. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lucy has become terribly ill — twice. We are waiting for her to recover. Meanwhile, all of your purchases will go towards ongoing support for her and the children.

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

Abraham Lincoln

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